Happiness Farms Caladiums

Our online store is now open and taking orders the 2023 season.

Why Buy Our Caladiums?

Happiness Farms caladiums have been providing top quality caladiums to retail and wholesale customers for over 50 years from our family owned and operated caladium farm in Lake Placid, Florida.

What are Caladiums?

Caladiums, sometimes known as “Heart of Jesus Plants” or “Angel Wing Plants”, have large, heart-shaped leaves in varying patterns of green, white, pink, and red. MORE

FREE Shipping

Our caladium bulb prices INCLUDE FREE shipping for the Continental USA. Caladium ship dates are determined by the proper planting time in your location unless you request otherwise. MORE

Happiness Farms Caladiums

Quality Caladiums for Home and Garden.

Why Happiness Farms Caladiums?

  • Grown in Lake Placid, FL the Caladium Capital of the World
  • One of the original pioneer Caladium grower families
  • Family owned and operated for over 50 years
  • Top Quality Hand-packed bulbs
  • Superior customer care

Happiness Farms, Inc. is a family-owned and operated caladium farm that grows approximately 200 acres of caladium bulbs serving the wholesale and retail markets. Happiness Farms is located in Lake Placid, Florida, the Caladium Capital of the World. We grow, harvest, and ship our caladium bulbs directly from our farm and packing house on Lake Istokpoga’s shores to your doorstep. Happiness Farms ensures the highest quality caladium bulbs by hand counting and hand packing our orders. The fantastic people who work with us and help pack our caladium orders have been with us for decades and take pride in providing superior quality caladium bulbs to you.

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Happiness Customers

For over 50 years we have provided caladiums to wholesalers, retailers and homeowners, both for personal and commercial use.

Happy Caladium Customers

JUMBO Caladiums

Jumbo caladiums are larger than #1 bulbs. Jumbo availability varies from year to year so check back often. MORE.

Amazing Color

Caladiums come in an amazing array of Pinks, Reds and Whites and will be a beautiful accent in any landscape, garden or container.

High Quality Bulbs

Happiness Farms’ bulbs are of the highest quality. Each order is hand-graded and hand-packed to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Easy to Plant

Caladiums are very easy to plant and grow in almost any soil or climate.

Easy care

Caladiums are easy to care for and will provide beautiful color all season long.

Passionista Pink Lance Leaf Caladiums
Passionista Pink Lance Leaf Caladiums

Brilliant Pinks

Pink Caladiums in all shades and hues of pink will brighten gardens, highlight shrubs, border trees and accent other foliage in your garden.

Postman Joyner Red Fancy Leaf beside Miss Muffet Lance Leaf Caladiums
Postman Joyner Red Fancy Leaf beside Miss Muffet Lance Leaf Caladiums

Eye-Catching Reds

Red Caladiums will create a dynamic presentation on their own or a dramatic background when mixed with lighter varieties.

Florida Moonlight White Fancy Leaf Caladiums
Florida Moonlight White Fancy Leaf Caladiums

Illuminating Whites

White Caladiums are a perfect choice to brighten dark areas of your gardens and will beautifully contrast with other foliage.

We Can Help You

Beautify Any Setting

Around trees, as garden borders, in pots or containers….caladiums will provide easy color and contrast for your every need!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you call Happiness Farms Fancy Leaf Caladiums, you will most likely speak to a family member born and raised in the business. We will be happy to answer any of your questions or help you with your order. Here at Happiness Farms Fancy Leaf Caladiums, we genuinely value each of our customers and are proud to share in the joy you will receive from our caladium bulbs. Our caladiums will give you bright, easy color in your landscape and your patios all summer long.. (Contact Us.)

Follow our easy instructions and you will be sure to have beautiful caladiums all summer long.  We are happy to take any questions you might have. (See FAQs).

Carolyn Whorton Pink Fancy Leaf Caladiums around oak tree
Carolyn Whorton Pink Fancy Leaf Caladiums around oak tree